Welcome to The Landing Zone

Where Weird is Welcome

(and highly encouraged)

Hoping this space suffices for further explaining the concept that we are building as well as the exchange of ideas and sharing of philosophy, art, music, whatevs.

Check out the FAQs for a bit more backstory.

Every image and item here was created by one of our collaborators

It is highly encouraged to post up in the forums to just say hello and introduce yourself, ask a question, or just scrawl some graffiti.

This isn't some stuffy, formal site intended to drive clicks. That is a different portion of the project.

You are here because you were invited.

This site is meant to gather those with shared interests and to allow us to find a path forward for their ideas. To learn what others are doing, and to just chill and share some cool stuff we've encountered.

The Group Areas on this site are private, so we can do whatever we want. Just request to be a member of any that you find interesting.

So don’t be shy about sharing here. There will be no judgements. Only honest feedback and encouragement. Be kind. Be human.

And let's have some fun with this.

Carpe diem 



A Smattering of Creations and Meanderings of the Mind

Below you can see some of the imagery and designs that have been created by a few of our contributors. Some are designs specifically for apparel, others are works that were done a lifetime ago by some of the founders of this project. Still others are photographs from the same collection used for some sections of this website. Others are digital art created using the same program we use to get the images from the canvas to the printer in the elves' workshop. As we move forward with this site, I will offer some more of the backstory on the items displayed and the artists who generated them (with their permission of course).  If you have questions about anything specific beforehand, just ask directly, or post questions/comments in the forums or Groups section.

A few of the great designs by a super talented individual who also happens to be one of the founders of this project. Her uniqueness and creativity is fantastic. The love that this individual has for creating is palpable when you are in her presence. One of the coolest kids in school for sure. 

Some of the original creations that ultimately led us to this point.


Some more items from our contributors. A few are images stripped from the old Etsy site, or being created for the new main site. Some are renderings that the team is currently working with to further develop into products using our digital processes. Others are drawings a friend did long ago. The Octogasm and ButterflEye are works from what will be our first Featured Artist on the main site. You'll see him around the forums and in the Artists Group. Tell him FUGGIT if you see him.

Some bits and bobs showing various points along the production path.


Peeps and Perps and other random items from the journey to this point. 

Some of the crazy folks who have inspired, supported and helped develop this project over the course of the last year or so. Along with some rando items from the thousands of images and designs we've been through during this time. We welcome any questions or comments on these in the Forums or Groups. There are some REALLY cool peeps working on this project, and I hope you all get to "meet" each other and share some ideas and stories.

Get the Picture?

Lastly, I will share a few photographs from my collection.  I think one or two of these may have even made the beta site on Etsy. You can see the parent photos for a couple here, and then how they were cleaned up and used to render a new image/design for printing. All of the photos contained on the site pages for background were shot by myself across the course of several decades.



If you have any questions about the forum, please do not hesitate to reach out. We would be more than happy to address any of your questions, comments, or concerns.


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